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  • Collects in either time or volume modes

  • Accommodates four different racks for a variety of collection vessels

  • Occupies only one square foot of bench space, can operate in cold room

The Eldex Universal Fraction Collector is versatile; permitting either time-based collection, in intervals of 1 to 999 seconds or minutes, or volume-based collection, from 1 to 999 drops per tube. The unit accommodates five different spiral collection racks for collecting fractions of up to 75 mL.

Simple to Operate

The Universal Fraction Collector is easy to use. The desired collection mode (in either seconds, minutes, or drops) and collection increment are set on a four-digit thumbwheel switch. The rest is automatic. Countdown of the set collection increment is continuously displayed on the light emitting diode (LED). When the set collection period or amount is reached, the LED reads zero and the test tube rack automatically shifts to the next position. The counter then resets itself for the next cycle. At the end of a run, the automatic shutoff switch turns off the drive mechanism.

Reliable Optical Positioning

The collection racks are positioned by an infrared light sensing system. As the rack revolves, code bars interrupt the light beam, halting the drive motor and activating the digital counting mechanism. When zero is reached, the motor is reactivated and the rack advances to the next position. The infrared positioning system and the patented drive mechanism provide reliable service.

Convenience Features

An output on the rear panel provides a 30 millisecond, 5 volt pulse for recorder indication of rack position change. Remote advance capabilities are provided on the rear panel for complete system integration.

No Loss of Sample

To prevent fluid loss between adjacent tubes during shifting, a highly inert, autoclavable, polypropylene distribution plate is provided with each rack.  If the effluent is incompatible with polypropylene, the plate may be removed with negligible drop loss since the shift time is short.

The functional design and durable construction of the Eldex Universal Fraction Collector make it nearly maintenance-free.  It has developed a well-deserved reputation as the workhorse of laboratory fraction collectors.

Test Tube Racks

Test Tube Racks

Rack Total Fractions Test Tube Size Maximum Fraction Volume
U-136 135 13 x 100 mm 9 mL
U-200 200

16 x 150 mm or

18 x 150 mm

22 mL or

28 mL

UP-50 50 25 x 200 mm 75 mL
URIA-50 50 25 x 57 mm 20 mL
Order No. Description
1243 UFC Universal Fraction Collector, base unit.

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