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  • Pulseless, reproducible flows from 0.01 μL/min.

  • Modular design, suitable for applications including capillary HPLC, bio-separations, LC-MS, FIA, process control.

  • Integrated design for minimized system volumes.

The MicroPro achieves precise, pulseless fluid delivery at flow rates as low as 0.01 microliters per minute (gradient flow rates as low as 1 microliter per minute). By taking a system wide approach to developing the MicroPro, we have been able to produce a fully integrated system, incorporating aspects critical to low flow rate work such as temperature control and minimized system volume.

The MicroPro pump system has been designed with maximum modularity, making it possible to configure to your specific needs with minimal impact to your budget.

A single MicroPro pump can control up to three other MicroPro pumps, whether for purposes of running gradients, for operating the pumps in multi-independent mode, or for operating the pumps in reciprocating mode.

Pulseless Flow

One of the key advantages of the MicroPro pump's syringe-based design is the ability to deliver flow without pulsation. Consequently, detector sensitivity can be increased for trace-level detection.

The optimized syringe sizes and micro-stepping stepper motor (each micro-step is equivalent to 0.1 nanoliters) result in unmatched flow reproducibility.

Advanced Pre-pressurization, versatile flow programming

MicroPro pumps utilizes advanced software, which automatically and rapidly ramps to the operating pressure at the entered flow rate.

The MicroPro pump can be programmed for both positive and negative flow rates. In addition, ramping flows is as simple as entering two end points. The MicroPro can also be programmed to run the the constant pressure mode instead of the constant flow mode, or even programmed to ramp pressure or to generate pressure gradients.

Syringe, Valve, and Pressure Transducer Options

Two syringe sizes are available, 2mL and 10mL, each tailored to specific flow requirements.

Several valve options are available for the MicroPro pump system to meet your application's specific requirements. For applications requiring the greatest precision, high pressure active valves are available, while for less demanding applications, mechanical passive valves are available at a lower cost.

The pressure transducer provides the ability to set pressure limits, operate in constant pressure mode, and enable the pre-pressurization software. These advanced features add to the flexibility and safety of the MicroPro system and there are several pressure transducer ranges available to meet your specific control requirements.


Temperature Control  

At extremely low flow rates, small variations in temperature can dramatically affect flow stability. For this reason, the MicroPro pump has optional temperature control of the syringe which is strongly recommended when the highest level of precision is required.

The MicroPro pump ensures accurate and reproducible gradients.  The design of conventional pumping systems limits their ability to generate gradients at very low flow rates.  The MicroPro is designed specifically for low flow rates, utilizing optimized syringe sizes and dynamic mixing chambers, resulting in thoroughly mixed, precise gradients.

Specially designed micro-mixers with volumes as low as 15 μL provide dynamic mixing throughout the range of gradient flow rates.  The interchangeable mixer cartridges, providing up to three stage mixing, are ideally suited for thorough mixing of a wide range of solvents.  For applications with gradient flow rates below 5 μL/min., multi-stage static mixers are available (mixer volume of 5 μL).


MicroPro without cover

Independent or Reciprocating Operation

You can use your MicroPro pump to control the flow rates of up to four pumps, operate them at different flow rates and feed their output to a common stream. Of course, you can program each pump to change flow rates at different times, run at negative flow rates, or ramp flow rates; in short, the MicroPro provides full featured control of additional syringes.

You can achieve the advantages of continuous output as well as pulseless delivery by purchasing the reciprocating version of the MicroPro. While one syringe is delivering fluid, the other is refilling. Advanced software minimizes the transition between syringe outputs.

Continuous flow gradient systems

The need to refill syringes is sometimes a disadvantage in gradient chromatography. Our patented, innovative TLD (Transitional Liquid Delivery) syringe can be added to a gradient MicroPro system, producing a system with continuous flow. The TLD will deliver to the system while the gradient syringes are refilling. Adding the TLD syringe can decrease turnaround time between runs and increase sample throughput.


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