• Local or remote control of flow rate

  • Expanded low flow rate range with optional micrometer

  • High pressure capabilities and corrosion resistant materials

Remote Control

Eldex VS Series pumps provide the convenience of remote control operation without sacrificing the precision and reliability of mechanical, micrometer or direct dial controlled pumps. VS Series pumps use the same principle of design as the HP Series.

Convenient Contol Options

The VS Series pumps, which include both a pump and pump controller, have flexible control options. For local control, a potentiometer on the front panel provides manual flow rate control.

Even broader flow rate ranges are available with the addition of an optional precision micrometer, which provides for variation of the piston's stroke length.

Durable Design

The wetted materials are carefully chosen for corrosion resistance, using the same materials and options available on our HP pumps.

Choose a model meeting your requirements:

All ReciPro liquid metering pumps operate most efficiently in the upper range of their flow rate capacity, so it is always a good idea to choose a model you will use as close as possible to its maximum. VS Series pumps are not CE certified (certified for export to the European Community).

Model BBB VS

Triple piston pumps with flow rates ranging between 12 to 144 mL/min., and pressures to 5000 psi. Pump model available in type 316 stainless steel.