Eldex® manufactures instruments for analytical chemistry laboratories and chemical process control.  Our instruments are used in a variety of applications ranging from capillary HPLC to reactant feed.

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Eldex is well known for our line of precision high pressure metering pumps based on a positive displacement, reciprocating piston design.  Our ReciPro® line has models with flow rates from between 0.002 mL/min. to 144 mL/min. at pressures up to 6000 psi.  The versatility of the ReciPro pumps makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including column washing and backflushing, post-column reaction, reactant feed and other process applications.

Our MicroPro® pumps, based on a high pressure syringe design, are especially well suited for fluid delivery in the microliter per minute range, with applications in nano, capillary, and micro HPLC and LC-MS, as well as a variety of low flow uses.

The Eldex product range also includes a versatile fraction collector.

Starting in 1984, Eldex designed and manufactured the PicoTag™ Workstation for Waters.  Now, we are able to offer an equivalent instrument called the Hydrolysis/Derivatization (H/D) WorkStation, as well as spare parts, accessories, and service for the PicoTag WorkStation and Vacuum Station.  Click on spare parts for a list of common spare parts with Waters and Eldex part numbers.

In addition to our standard products, we manufacture a variety of specialized instruments and customize our standard products for other manufacturers.

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