About Eldex

Eldex Corporation is a privately held company located in Napa, CA. The company was founded in 1972 by Dr. Emmett Durrum, a distinguished scientist, innovative entrepreneur, and pioneer in analytical chemistry. The company focuses on developing precision instrumentation for scientists, chemists, and engineers. From initial products, including fraction collectors and HPLC column heaters, Eldex introduced its first high-pressure metering pumps in 1978. The company has trusted relationships with a blue-chip customer base and a carefully cultivated partnership network providing global distribution and support.

At Eldex, our mission is to minimize downtime and advance scientific discovery through precision, reliability, and innovation. For over 50 years, our focus on product quality, process improvement, and partnership with customers has enabled us to provide superior performance and reliability at an affordable price.

High Pressure Metering Pumps

Eldex pumps have become widely accepted in applications such as solvent delivery, reactant feed, pilot plants, post-column reaction systems, and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

For engineers, researchers, and chemists seeking precision in metering pumps, Eldex provides unparalleled reliability in a wide variety of process applications. Unlike other metering pump options, Eldex offers personalized service and exacting performance at an affordable price, making Eldex the trusted choice for those who demand excellence in every pump.

Beyond being a brand, Eldex is a dedicated partner, ensuring uninterrupted operations with a promise of industry-best minimal downtime.

Optos High Pressure Metering Pumps


Eldex pumps are configurable to meet diverse operating specifications, transforming challenges into opportunities. We have wide-ranging experience in modifying existing products to meet the specific needs of our customers and developing unique high-pressure fluid delivery solutions for other manufacturers.

Our competitive pricing doesn’t compromise on the core values that define us—precision, reliability, and consistency. Whether it’s the need for reproducible metering, high pressure environments, minimal pulsation, or corrosion resistance, Eldex pumps deliver superior performance and reliability at an affordable price.

Yet, what truly sets Eldex apart is our exceptional customer service. We value enduring relationships and prioritize customer satisfaction. With fast shipping and attentive product support, Eldex is not just a provider; we’re your trusted partner in achieving precision under any pressure.

Eldex LR2-8800 pump products before assembly