Optos Hot Head Heating Accessory

Made out of a PEEK body with an aluminum insert for quick heating and durability and a quick release latch for easy removal of the heater from the head for easy maintenance, the HOT HEAD is ideal for heated applications using Eldex Optos Pumps.

Features include:

  • Easy on/off design for access to head and valves for maintenance.
  • 120V and 240V AC models for simple implementation worldwide.
  • Integrated bi-metal thermostat for safety shutoff.
  • Install using Eldex’s optional heated head PID controller or connect directly to your own PLC controls.

Contact Eldex sales to discuss your requirements:

What our customers are saying about the Hot Head

“The Hot Head was very easy to install and has been working fantastically for us!  We’ve had no issues with flowing waxy material through the pump, and the head is now very easy to remove without disturbing the surrounding heat tape and insulation. We can definitely see us using this product for future projects where heating is necessary.”

Breanna Hodges, Laboratory Technician, AVN Corporation