Eldex Corporation is a privately held company located in Napa, California. Founded in 1972, the company focuses on developing instrumentation for analytical chemistry and chemical process control. Eldex’s primary vision is to manufacture instruments which both meet the industry’s exacting requirements and can be purchased at reasonable prices.


In 1978, Eldex introduced the first of its line of high pressure metering pumps, which have found wide acceptance in applications such as post-column reaction systems, reactant feed, and pilot plant development, as well as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Our pumps are noted for their ability to reproducibly deliver small volumes of fluids against high pressure (up to 6000 psi). Over the years, additional models of metering pumps were introduced, providing enhanced capabilities including remote control and metal-free fluid paths.

In addition to products produced for sale to end users, Eldex has for many years developed and manufactured custom instruments developed for other companies. These instruments include variations on metering pumps, fluid delivery instruments for the semiconductor industry, as well as sample preparation instruments.

Eldex products have become widely accepted in the market, firmly establishing their reputation for quality and cost effectiveness. The growth associated with this market acceptance led to the company’s relocation in Napa, California in 1992.

The MicroPro family of products is designed to address the needs of micro HPLC separation.


We have wide-ranging experience in modifying existing products to meet the specific needs of our customers and developing unique high-pressure fluid delivery solutions for other manufacturers.

Eldex has a stable and highly qualified production crew. With efficient systems and procedures long in place and a complete manufacturing software package, Eldex is able to produce instrumentation meeting the demanding quality requirements of the scientific marketplace at a lower cost than other companies.

Eldex sells its products to major OEM accounts and directly to end users in the United States, as well as through a distributor network. A worldwide distributor network has been carefully selected on the basis of their market and technical knowledge.