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  • Flow rates between 0.003 to 5 mL/min. with reciprocating piston design.

  • High Pressure capabilities, to 6000 psi.

  • Corrosion resistant materials.

Precise Metering

Optos Series metering pumps can be used wherever precise flow rate control, particularly at high pressures, is required.

Wide Flow Ranges

We manufacture a wide range of Optos Series pumps grouped into three pump models. We can also customize our designs to meet your specific requirements.

Reciprocating Piston Design

All Eldex Optos metering pumps are based on a positive displacement, reciprocating piston design, which gives you precise flow control. Various models cover flow rates from 0.002 to 80 mL/min.

Optos Cutaway
Positive Displacement, Reciprocating Piston assures precise metering.

40 Plus Years of Experience

Eldex's Optos Series incorporates knowledge gained from over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing reciprocating piston pumps for a wide variety of applications, while integrating the latest technology and electronics.

Applications Include

Optos pumps are designed and ideally suited for numerous applications, including:

  • HPLC
  • Reactant/chemical feed
  • Column washing
  • Pilot plant
  • Post column reaction
  • Flow injection analysis

Versatile, Easy to Use

The Optos pump provides a simple interface for ease of control over flow rates, refill rates, compressibility compensation and other pump parameters.

Optos -front
The Optos pump is easy to use, with a clear LCD display and solvent resistant membrane keypad.

Convenient Control Options

The Optos pump can be controlled from either the local LCD display and membrane keypad, or remotely, using either RS232 commands or analog controls (either 0-5VDC or 4-20mA).

Convenient Control Options
Remote control options include RS232 and analog controls.

Corrosion Resistance

The materials in the liquid end of the Optos Series pumps are carefully chosen for corrosion resistance. The piston is sapphire, and the inlet and outlet valves incorporate sapphire seats and ruby balls.

Piston wash

The use of buffers or solutions which crystallize when exposed to air can lead to abrasion of the piston seal. A fully integrated piston wash system is included in the Optos pumps, dramatically extending piston seal life.

Simple, robust construction

The Optos Series pump, only four inches wide, occupies very little bench space. The design is simplified for optimal reliability. With our extensive experience in reciprocating pump technology, no effort has been spared to make the most durable pump available.

Plus: Minimize Pulsation, Monitor Pressure

Plus versions of Optos Series pumps come with an integrated pulse damper to further reduce pulsation, and the ability to monitor pressure and set high and low pressure limits.

Left side shows pulsation without Plus, right side with Plus.

Option: Three Interchangeable Pump Heads

To maximize the versatility of the Model 1SMP Optos pump, two additional different liquid end assemblies are available. Each interchangeable liquid end provides specific flow rates and pressure capabilities and can be changed in a matter of minutes.

The Model 1SMP comes with a 1/8" piston and pump head. The optional heads use 3/32" or 1/4" pistons and pump heads. To purchase the optional 3/32" parts, order P/N 5819 (piston) and P/N 5902 (pump head). To purchase the optional 1/4" parts, order P/N 5821 (piston) and P/N 5904 (pump head).

Optos -pistons

Option: Non Metallic

Optos Series metering pumps can be made with PEEK liquid end assemblies, as opposed to the usual type 316 stainless steel, eliminating all metal contact in the flow path. For the PEEK version of this model, click on 1SIP.

Ordering Information

Order No. Description
5967 Model 1SMP

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