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  • Wide flow rate range.

  • High Pressure capabilities, to 4000 psi.

  • Corrosion resistant materials.

Preventive Maintenance Kits


Includes two uhmw polyethylene seals, tools for installation, two valve cartridges, one retainer, a filter.

Piston Seals


Piston seal assembly kit; includes metal-free seal and tools for installation.


Piston seal replacement kit; includes two metal-free seals.


Piston seal replacement kit; includes five metal-free seals.



Inlet valve assembly, cartridge style.


Outlet valve assembly, cartridge style.


Valve cartridge kit (rebuilds one inlet or one outlet valve).



1/8" sapphire piston.

Liquid End Assembly


Includes inlet and outlet valve assemblies, cylinder, piston seals and retainer. Piston not included.



Includes 60 cm of 1/8" Teflon inlet tubing, inlet (1/4-28) and outlet (1/4-28) tube nuts, and outlet ferrule.



10 micron plastic filter, with 60 cm long Teflon inlet tube and tube nut.

Other Parts


Retainer/wash assembly.

For other parts, consult factory

Overview »   Specifications »   Parts