Advantages and Applications for Reciprocating Piston Metering Pumps

Are you exploring pumping solutions for a new system design? With over 50 years of reciprocating pump design and manufacture, Eldex has seen numerous applications for our high-pressure metering pumps. Our rich history and expertise allow us to integrate cutting-edge technology and electronics into our evolving pump designs.

Customers trust us to collaborate on resolving unique challenges for a broad range of applications.  In this article, we’ll review the advantages of using an Eldex reciprocating piston pump and share real-world application examples from our client partnerships.

Optos in application

When selecting a metering pump, a range of potential options are available to fit an application precisely. Reciprocating piston pumps are unique in their versatility and durability. Following are 11 advantages represented by Eldex reciprocating piston pumps for you to review to see how they align with your project requirements: 

  1. Precision metering to ensure a specific volume of fluid is pumped reproducibly regardless of system pressure.
  2. Adjustable flow controls allow manual or remote adjustment of dosing rates (RS232, 0-5V, 4-20mA).
  3. Exceptional corrosive resistance to handle harsh or corrosive fluids.
  4. Longevity by design and using superior mechanical and electronic components for extended life.
  5. Minimized pulsation through pulse dampening accessory and software to optimize refill stroke speed.
  6. Remote output options to monitor system flow and pressure activity offsite.
  7. Extended flow rate ranges supported by optional liquid ends.
  8. Integrated piston wash to flush residues and extend piston seal life.
  9. Small footprint enhances portability and maximizes versatility in limited space.
  10. Modular design is highly configurable, providing economical customization to accommodate a wide range of applications for end users and OEMs.
  11. Heated options The Hot Head pump accessory can handle fluid temperatures up to 250°F (120 °C), reducing maintenance downtime in heated applications.

Application examples

Explore the versatility of Eldex reciprocating piston pumps through these application examples:

  • HPLC – high pressure liquid chromatography
  • Post-column reaction system
  • Reactant feed systems / high pressure injection
  • Pilot plants
  • Hydrocarbon catalyst research and development
  • Corrosion testing
  • Industrial process
  • Any application requiring precision and pressure.

Eldex pumps use a ball and seat check valve design, which lends itself well to applications with clean, low viscosity fluids. However, Eldex pumps are not a good fit for fluids with dissolved particulates (unless filtered) or viscosity above 500cP.


Incorporating a reciprocating piston positive displacement pump from Eldex offers numerous advantages for a wide range of applications. For precise metering at high pressures, remote control capabilities, or resistance to corrosive substances, this pump style is unparalleled for longevity, precision, and versatility.

Discover the perfect solution for your upcoming high pressure metering needs with Eldex. Contact us now, and let us guide you to the ideal product for your application.

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