6 Reasons Customers Keep Coming Back to Eldex

Recently, Eldex completed a series of interviews with customers, distributors, and OEMs to learn first-hand what differentiating factors keep them all coming back to Eldex for pumping solutions. These customer takeaways support and encourage a directed course for our current and future priorities. Their input was interesting, so we decided to share! (In subsequent posts, please look for additional insights specific to our distributors and OEMs.)

Fifty Years of Innovation and Trust

Eldex has prided itself on a legacy of innovation, reliability, and flexibility for over fifty years. But how do we keep it all “fresh” fifty years in? Not many companies hit the fifty-year mark. We fully appreciate how fortunate we are to have passed this major milestone. We are privileged to serve industry leaders, providing pumping solutions for oil and gas, chemical processing, aerospace, food and beverage, manufacturing, and research. This is not an honor we take lightly.

Who are our direct customers?

Our primary customer groups drive our product advancements; they all need/want different things. So, what do they need specifically, and what keeps them returning to Eldex year after year vs. going elsewhere?

  • Scientific innovators and engineers – Looking for accurate, repeatable pumping solutions to help empower and advance scientific innovations.
  • Skilled technicians – Chemical or mechanical engineers looking for reliable solutions that offer minimal downtime and streamline industrial process efficiencies.
  • Lab researchers – Looking for flexible, easy-to-use products with top-notch customer support for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

What brings customers back to Eldex?

Our customer interviews yielded encouragingly consistent input. Here are the top six reasons our direct customers come back to Eldex AND consistently recommend our solutions to others.

  1. Precision in Small Flow Rates – They rely on our pumps to deliver precision, ensuring controlled dispensing in even the smallest volumes.
  2. Reproducibility – They appreciate that our pumps are designed to ensure reproducibility in critical processes, allowing them to achieve consistent results.
  3. Performance and Consistency in High-Pressure Environments – Many customer applications require performance in pressurized environments like oil processing. Customers shared that our products maintain consistency even in high-pressure environments, making them reliable in demanding conditions.
  4. Broad Chemical Compatibility—Many customers use our pumps in applications that require corrosive or harsh chemicals. They depend on our pumps’ material compatibility, which supports a broad spectrum of chemical applications without compromising performance.
  5. Responsiveness and Access – You do not maintain long-term relationships in business if you can’t get resolutions as needs or issues arise. We heard from many customers how much they appreciate our outstanding customer service and support. Eldex’s ability to respond to feedback and deliver demonstrable product improvements has made Eldex a top vendor, and that feels great!
  6. Reliable Products at Accessible Prices – Multiple customers shared that they switched to Eldex after other pumps underperformed. Basically, if it HAS to work, they choose Eldex. They also shared that Eldex provides competitive pricing without compromising on the reliability and consistency that define our products.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our enduring relationships with our customers, some spanning a decade or more, reflect our commitment to their continued satisfaction. This commitment is demonstrated in every aspect of our fluid metering pump solutions.

If you are a current customer, we thank you for your ongoing partnership, input, and continued trust. It is truly our honor to serve you. We would love to earn your business if you are not an Eldex customer. Whatever your situation, please reach out to sales@eldex.com if you would like to discuss your system needs with one of our engineers. We would love to help!

Discover the perfect solution for your upcoming high pressure metering needs with Eldex. Contact us now, and let us guide you to the ideal product for your application.