Metering pumps, also known as dosing pumps, are designed to pump a precise fluid volume in a controlled fashion. They typically operate in a reciprocating manner, which can produce a pulsating flow. Pulsation dampers can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of the pumps.

  • Smooth Flow: Metering pumps are precision devices designed to deliver a consistent amount of fluid. Without a pulsation damper, the pump’s natural reciprocating action can create pulsations in the flow, leading to inconsistencies in the delivered volume. By dampening these pulsations, the damper ensures that the metering pump delivers a more uniform flow.
  • Enhance Measurement Accuracy: In systems where the fluid being pumped is also being measured or monitored (for attributes like flow rate, concentration, etc.), pulsations can make readings erratic and less accurate. The smoother flow produced by introducing a pulsation damper can lead to more consistent and accurate measurements.
  • Improved Discharge Pressure Control: Pulsation dampers can help stabilize discharge pressure, particularly in systems with variations in downstream resistance. A more stable discharge pressure can enhance the pump’s dosing accuracy.

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