Our Optos Pumps require DSR/DTR controls to work properly and specific wiring on the RJ12. We sell the cables: Eldex P/N: 6143 CABLE, RS232, USB to RJ12

Below is the information on the rear panel’s RS232 modular jack (connector is RJ-12).  It is configured for 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.  Pinout is:

RJ 12 Pin Function DB 9 pin
1,6 (white, purple) Ground 5
2 (black) DSR (Input) 4
3 (red) RXD (Input to pump) 3
4 (green) TXD (Output from pump) 2
5 (yellow) DTR (Output) 6

The pump uses hardware handshaking. It does not transmit on the TXD output if the DSR input is at a low logic level, and it does not receive on the RXD input when the DTR output is at a low logic level. A low logic level is –3.0 to –15 volts and a high logic level is 3.0 to 15 volts.

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