Some Optos pumps may be fitted with a pulse damper. The damper is a diaphragm-style damper, where a diaphragm made of an inert material flexes against a compressible fluid (spiked with red dye), thereby absorbing pulses in fluid delivery. The system should operate against at least 500 psi to maximize the damper’s efficiency. If your system does not normally generate such pressures and you wish to increase the efficiency of the damper, you can install a backpressure device or some narrow ID tubing downstream of the pump.

Our damper design was optimized for HPLC applications, with maximum dampening capabilities at below 10mL/min and absolute minimal dwell volume. In standard configuration, at flow rates >10mL/min, the damper diaphragm is at risk of damage. We offer a damper for higher flow rates, requiring a special “T-bracket” adapter.

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