Optos pumps attain precise metering through a positive displacement, reciprocating piston. A stepper motor drives the piston via an eccentric. Advanced software algorithms control motor speed based on piston position, achieving rapid fluid intake and smooth, constant fluid delivery while minimizing pulsation. The optional damper can further reduce pulsation.

Ball and seat inlet and outlet valves ensure precise metering. The suction created by the piston retracting to refill the piston chamber pulls the inlet ball off the inlet seat, allowing fluid to travel through the inlet check valve. Simultaneously, the outlet ball is pulled back onto its’ seat, preventing fluid from exiting the piston chamber. During the delivery portion of the piston’s duty cycle, the inlet ball is pushed back onto its’ seat as the piston moves forward, preventing fluid from traveling back to the pump reservoir. Simultaneously, the outlet ball is forced off its’ seat, allowing fluid to exit the outlet valve. For the valves to operate effectively, a pressure differential of at least 25 psi is required on the outlet side of the pump.

The pump’s flow rate is set directly in mL/min. using the keypad or remote control. Flow rates are determined by piston displacement (diameter and stroke length) and motor speed.

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