Our pumps can move fluids with viscosity measurements up to 500 centipoise (something between SAE 30 oil and glycerin), though at viscosities above 100 centipoise (something like SAE 10), the flow rate decreases; as the viscosity rises above 100 centipoise, flow decreases in a fairly linear manner until there is no flow at 500 centipoise.

Viscosity Limits are 500 Centipoise. 500cP is a theoretical maximum viscosity that has been demonstrated in lab conditions; however, pump efficiency at this viscosity is very poor. We recommend using our pumps for applications without particulates and with aqueous, water-like viscosity. When dealing with viscous liquids, we suggest adjusting the pump refill rate from “full out” to 70/30 or 50/50.

Our pump does well with clean fluids (minimal particulates) and viscosities below 500cP (practically 100cP) for a broad range of chemical compatibility.  We offer research/pilot scale precision flow rates up to 80mL/min and pressures up to 6000psi.  Some of our customers use the pump for hydrocarbon catalyst research, petrochem pilot plants, small-scale reactors, corrosion testing, hydraulic oil, and water/solvent injection.

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