Product Innovation: Pump Heating Accessory

Optos Series Hot Head Fluid Heater

Are you interested in using your Eldex reciprocating piston pump for heated applications? 

Help has arrived!

We are proud to announce the formal product introduction of the Eldex HOT HEAD pump heating accessory.


Our HOT HEAD concept was borne out of customer inputs, where a waxy, viscous hydrocarbon material was creating problems with accuracy and led to improper pump system functionality. The use of heat tape wrapped around plumbing lines and pump head became a workaround solution but prevented easy access to check valves. It was inefficient and time consuming to unwrap and re-wrap for pump maintenance and led to extended system downtime. Other solutions use complicated water bath approaches with inferior performance. So, we got to work developing a quick, easy to use solution to increase and maintain pump head temperature up to 250degF (120degC).

The Eldex HOT HEAD is made of a PEEK body with an aluminum insert for heat conductivity to the pump head. This means it heats up quickly but also reduces the risk of burns to exposed skin. An integrated bi-metal thermostat provides a secondary safety shutoff. A quick release latch brings added versatility and an ability to quickly install or remove the HOT HEAD when needed. Both head and valves are accessible for easy maintenance. We offer a 120V version (PN# 6159) for the US market and a 240V model (PN# 6199) for international markets, making this solution easy to implement worldwide. The HOT HEAD can be connected directly to customer PLC systems through K-style thermocouple connection or with an optional PID controller (PN# 6172, sold separately).

Customer reviews so far have been very favorable:

“The Hot Head was very easy to install and has been working fantastically for us!  We have had no issues with flowing waxy material through the pump, and the head is now very easy to remove without disturbing the surrounding heat tape and insulation. We can definitely see us using this product for future projects where heating is necessary.”

Breanna Hodges, Laboratory Technician, AVN Corporation

Note: The application of a high-temperature thermal grease to the pump head can further improve conductivity. Due to minimal swept volume and low fluid dwell time, HOT HEAD is not designed as a primary fluid heat source. Optos pumps can handle fluids up to 500degF (260degC) with optional #1424 PEEK/ceramic check valves.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Hot Head Release Press Announcement

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