PRODUCT INNOVATIONS – Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

At Eldex, our high-pressure reciprocating pumps are renowned for their consistent high performance and reliability. We pride ourselves on longstanding partnerships with industry leaders across various sectors, demonstrating the trust and value our clients place in Eldex solutions. This trust, coupled with the critical need to minimize downtime and ensure system precision and efficiency, drives our engineers to innovate and improve our products continually.

Integrated Check Valve
Integrated Check Valve

Our ball and seal inlet and outlet check valves are key to precision metering. Maintaining their cleanliness is crucial for optimal operation. Regular pump maintenance involves disassembling the seals for cleaning—a task that, while straightforward, risks the loss of small inlet or outlet seals during reassembly. Lost parts can result in system downtime and user frustration. We have introduced a new product innovation to enhance rebuild efficiency: an integrated valve cartridge replacement system.

The integrated valve cartridge includes seals embedded into a stainless-steel cartridge housing, eliminating the issue of lost seals during rebuilds. This integration transforms the check valve assembly into a single, cohesive part, significantly simplifying and shortening installation time and system downtime. 

Our engineers are passionate about creating product improvements that enhance system performance and ease of maintaining our pumping solutions. The new integrated check valve cartridge replacement system is a testament to this commitment. We are always eager to hear your suggestions for further innovations that could be incorporated into our high-pressure metering pumps in the future. If you have suggestions for other innovations, please reach out to We would love to hear your ideas! 

Discover the perfect solution for your upcoming high pressure metering needs with Eldex. Contact us now, and let us guide you to the ideal product for your application.

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