A Guide for Setting up a Hydrolysis and Derivatization Workstation 

We are delighted to share an incredibly valuable resource for researchers and professionals working in the field of analytical chemistry and amino acid analysis.  

Waters Corporation, a global leader in analytical instruments and software, developed a Comprehensive Guide to Hydrolysis and Analysis of Amino Acids. Included in this extensive resource is a step-by-step guide for operating the Eldex H/D Workstation for Liquid- and Vapor-Phase Hydrolysis 

HD Workstation LR2-1731

The Eldex Pico Tax HD Workstation provides a convenient and easy-to-use system for the hydrolysis and derivatization of samples prior to amino acid composition analysis.  The Workstation provides all the functions for sample hydrolysis with easily accessible vacuum and nitrogen ports, and an integrated heater providing stable temperature controls for multiple reaction vial assemblies. 

We are thrilled Waters chose the Eldex Pico Tag HD Workstation for their system guide and have made their operational instructions publicly available. This kind of support and documentation can greatly facilitate the setup and operation of H/D systems. We hope you find it both interesting and helpful. 

If you have any questions for our engineers about the Pico Tag HD Workstation, reach out.  We’d love to help. 

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